Ongoing, 2019
Rosen Method Movement Classes
Katonah, NY
Ongoing, 2019
Rosen Method Movement Classes
Rochester, NY

July 13, 2019
One-Day Rosen Method Bodywork
Introductory Workshop  
New York City, NY

September 28 - October 3, 2019
Five-Day Rosen Method Bodywork
Ossining, NY









"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of our soul." — Plato

Rosen Method Movement

Rosen Method Movements are deceptively simple, and their effect on the body is profound. The movements are arranged in a purposeful sequence and are thorough in moving all the joints and all the major muscles. Marion Rosen, who developed this method, said, “It is movement that is neither totally orthopedic nor just creative. Every movement is designed to move a certain part of the body and to have a therapeutic effect.”

Rosen Method Movement Teachers, in addition to modeling the movements, are trained to help participants become self-aware as they move and to learn new ways of moving without injuring themselves. Moving different areas in our bodies, we may become aware of emotions connected with them and welcome them.

Our goal is to make people feel happy and motivated to dance rather than drag themselves around. We would like them to feel physically well when their bodies move...and this is built on a very deep knowledge of anatomy and how people can move. Marion Rosen

The class begins with upper and lower body warm-ups, which help get oxygen flowing and lubricate our joints to prepare us for more exertion and larger movements. The stretching section helps our muscles regain their full ability to stretch and contract, thereby allowing us to change chronic postural patterns. Additional leg and hip exercises are done holding hands in the circle. In this way, we are supported so that it becomes easier to improve balance.

Pairing up with a partner is a fun way to go a little further in stretching than we could on our own. We also learn how to be aware of our own and another's limitations and possibilities. Both circle and partner work help create safety, intimacy and trust.

Next is the across the floor segment, which expands simpler movements by combining them. This part is the most like dancing, and the music adds to the joy.

The last class segment, lying on the floor, focuses on movements that are particularly good for our spine. This allows more possibility to relax, feel our bodies breathing, and integrate what we've experienced.

Each segment of a Rosen Movement class is done to carefully chosen music which supports the pace and purpose of the movements. The music is the wind under our wings as we move; it helps create a connection to ourselves on many levels, emotional and spiritual.

Benefits of Rosen Method Movement:

  • lubricate our joints for fuller range of motion and more flexibility
  • free our diaphragm for fuller breath
  • relax and lengthen muscles so we can be free of chronically tight postures
  • increase our sense of balance and rhythm
  • stay healthy and mobile as we age
  • move with ease, letting go of unnecessary effort in our bodies and in our lives
  • feel supported by community and camaraderie
  • allow more joy to arise from inside

Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul's weather. Martha Graham